• Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Strategic Goals

To be the leader of innovative and uniqueness health care in a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC region by applying the latest of medical technology in addition of preventive and treatment services during luxury and relaxation environment through professional and skilled medical teamwork which depending higher international standards.

Providing exceptional healthcare to advance in quality and specialization by forming international strategic partnerships which support patients in treatment and services with all occupational and scientific that will helping us to success in our performance to achieve the supreme and meaningful healing results in both modern and alternative medicine with safety,comfort,and quiet environment that will make our patients do not thinking of travel abroad.

  • Adherence with ethical standards in medical best practices.
  • Assuring of highest quality of services for visitors’ satisfaction.
  • Promising patients’ confidentiality.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Commitment to safety standards
  •  Dealing with appreciation & respect.
  • Uniqueness in performance.

Cure medical centers
“Cure “is brand launched by Ansaq MedicaC company on its specialized medical centers which is the latest in health care field and medical technology, through professional doctors in all particularism. Moreover, Cure proud to host the best experts doctors and international consultants from “Ochsner” and some American universities to offer their services in diagnosis of all diseases, and offer medical consultations supported by the best crews of nursing and skilled teamwork in a high-quality of patients and visitors satisfaction. Also, all centers designed by unique and modern architectural, brimful of comfort and quietness.


Uniqueness in alternative medicine
Through providing rehabilitation services and Ayurveda treatment where traditional and natural Indian herbs, with high experienced and well trained team in alternative medicine which enhance healing difficult diseases such as; physical disability and Paralytic cases resulting from traffic road accidents,in addition to Osteoarthritis, Geriatric & pediatric rehabilitation, also interested in Obesity programs.


Treatment of chronic diseases (kidney, liver, cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer diseases) in coordination with international health institutions

Through “Cure Medical Centers” that provides dynamic link to patients with organ failure, as well as advance organ transplantation process, to support them and their families curbing logistical difficulties that could threaten patients life, as the number of patient’s waiting list for transplantation continues to grow dramatically in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, “Cure Medical Center” team pursue, coordinate and manage all cancer patients treatment process, as well as opportunity for the ones are in need to take second opinion in all specialties, represented by distinct multi-disciplinary medical professions.

Consequently, all of these services are fully available through coordination of “Cure” medical team with “Ochsner” in the state of Louisiana USA, one of the most worldwide prominent leading hospitals in the field of organ transplant, cancer treatments and many other diseases that require patients travelling outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.


Psychological and social counselling program
To build and promote effective coordinated early detection and intervention Counselling program that control the risk of developmental disordered. Moreover, social threats such as; drugs addiction & road traffic accidents whereas affect in lower economic burden.


Innovation of Information Technology solution
To bring the most advanced Health Information Management System (HIMS) through implementing the world class Electronic Health Record Solution (ehCOS) by coordinating with the global frontier company in this field.