Global strategic partnership between Ansaq Medical company and Ochsner Hospital

April 6, 2015

Ansaq Medical Company represented by its CEO, Dr. Mohammad Saud Al-Sofayan, signed a global strategic partnership agreement with “Ochsner” one of the leading organ transplant and cancer treatment institutions in the state of Louisiana USA. As Ansaq Co. strives to facilitate the procedures and mechanisms of “medical tourism”, particularly for organ failure and chronic diseases patients through “Cure Medical Center” which will coordinate all pre and post-operative work-up, as well as out patient follow-up .   Dr. Al-Sofayan pointed out that attracting new international partners is based on “Ansaq Co.” strategies, to support healthcare critical needs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to increasing health awareness among people, which is the main reason to maximize their needs and expectations, either in level of performance, or quality of services.   In this framework, Dr. Al-Sofayan emphasize on the importance of this step, which we’ll pursues to meet all these requirements, by sharing international medical expertise, as well as advance medical technology since the agreement stated to provides counseling and treatments services, in addition to both organ transplants and cancer treatments delivered by international experts. This will provide disciplinary medical consultations for all patients in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries, besides providing second opinion for those in need to decide appropriately regarding their health conditions.   In this regards, the CEO of Ansaq pointed out the purpose of this global agreement in contribution to enhance the level of quality in organ transplant services and cancer treatments, through “Cure Centers” which matching our organizational goals to find out solutions for the patients, as well as facilitate their medical tourism services in ”Ochsner” hospital.   Dr. Al-Sofayan expressed his pleasure in building strong and international partnering with medical institution like “Ochsner”, in addition to his willingness to  fully deliver all programs and services offered by “Ochsner” through continuing support to our patients by “Cure” medical team, highlighting the importance of the complementary role between “Ansaq Medical Co.” and “Ochsner” hospital.


Ansaq Medical Co. Signed Strategic Agreement with Prashanthi-Ayurverda Hospital

January 27, 2015

A strategic partnership agreement has been signed by Dr. Mohammed Saud Al-Sofayan, CEO of Ansaq Medical Co. with Prashanthi Ayurveda Hospital in the presence of both parties’ executive management.   His excellence pointed out that this agreement comes within the company’s vision framework furthering the cooperation and overseas development to provide new and exciting therapeutic services within exceptional environment characterized in quality and professionalism in performance.   Dr. Al-Sofayan expressed his willingness to support the citizens and residents at kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries towards this collaboration to mutually contribute as well as achieve the agreement’s goals to curbing the high proportion of the medical tourism of the patients  seeking for alternative medicine and rehabilitation services. Moreover, the major concerns facing them outside their countries might be cropping up the treatment stages due to long duration which sometimes exceeding 3 months, in addition to miscommunication because of different languages.   Dr. Al-Sofayan emphasize on his pleasure and pleased with this agreement, stated that Prashanthi Ayurveda Hospital is one of the most reputed international hospitals with more than 15 years of experience in alternative medicine and rehabilitation services such as road traffic accidents, paralytic & traumatic cases, chronic diseases (HTN, DM, etc…) and back pain, in addition to osteoarthritis of knees, hips and spine under supervisions of high qualified medical staff.