Our Services / Organ Transplants & Cancer Care Coordination

Organ Transplants & Cancer Care Coordination

Services provided in “Cure Medical” Centers in cooperation with “Ochsner”


First: direct diagnose, as well as evaluate patient’s health condition to ensure the success of solid and non-solid organ transplant by conducting the entire necessary pre-operative work-up which includes:


  •  Clinical examination
  • Medical consultations
  • Blood tests for all body functions
  • Radiology examination also should be done in addition to many other tests.


Second: coordinate with “Ochsner” by evaluate patient medical records and reports, under supervision of integrated medical professions to decide organ transplants time, in addition to follow up all needs and requirements to finalize the travelling process.


Third: follow up patient’s health condition and conduct post-organ transplants work-up, in which is mandatory required periodically and regularly after patient back home.


Fourth: availability of second opinion consultations in multi-disciplinary specialties, in contact with “Ochsner” medical teams which include the best professions doctors and surgeons.


Fifth: in cooperation with “Ochsner”, our team will coordinate the treatment plans of cancer patients which include several options (surgical,chemotherapy, intervention radiology,etc…) depends on diagnosis of cancer type, as well as spread in the body.